Vision, mission and values


Our vision is accessible justice for those whose rights are affected by decisions made under the Mental Health Act 2014.


Our mission is safeguarding rights and promoting compliance and accountability under the Mental Health Act 2014 by:

  • ensuring involuntary treatment authorised under the Act strictly complies with the provisions and objects of the Act;
  • determining applications for treatment by electroconvulsive therapy and psychosurgery;
  • addressing non-compliance with prescribed requirements under the Act; and
  • providing independent review of the validity of involuntary treatment orders, the admission of long-term voluntary patients, the validity and appropriateness of nominated persons, and the reasonableness of certain decisions under the Act restricting freedoms and affecting rights.


We value respect for the law, equality before the law, fairness, impartiality, independence, accessibility, efficiency, accountability, competence and integrity.

Page reviewed 25 July 2019