Tribunal Members

The Tribunal has a President and Tribunal members who make decisions under the Act.

When the Tribunal holds hearings, it usually sits in panels of three.  One member of the panel is a lawyer, one is a psychiatrist, and the third is a community member.

Tribunal members are independent statutory officers appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Minister.  They do not work for the hospital or health service treating the patient.

The current President of the Tribunal is Karen Whitney.  She is a legal member appointed on 30 December 2017 for five years.

In addition to the President, the Tribunal currently has 10 active sessional legal members, 13 active sessional psychiatrist members, and 17 active sessional community members.  Current active Tribunal members are identified below.

Legal Members

Geoffrey Abbott

Harriette Benz

Peter Curry

Jeanette De Klerk

Andrea McCallum

Dr Hannah McGlade

Michael Nicholls QC

Anne Seghezzi

Merranie Strauss

Jennifer Wall

Psychiatrist Members

Dr Dawn Barker

Dr Ann Bell

Dr Emma Crampin

Dr Rowan Davidson

Dr Daniel De Klerk

Dr Kevin Dodd

Dr Fiona Krantz

Dr David Lord

Dr Mircea Schineanu

Dr Helen Slattery

Dr Bryan Tanney

Dr Gabor Ungvari

Dr Helen Ward

Dr Anthony Zorbas

Community Members

Alan Alford

Jennifer Bridge-Wright

Reverend Rodger Bull

Donna Dean

Stuart Flynn

John Gardiner

Susan Grace

Emeritus Prof. David Hawks AM

John James

Manjit Kaur

Lorrae Loud

David Rowell

Maxinne Sclanders

Leone Shiels

Anthony Warner AM LVO

Ann White

The Hon. Keith Wilson AM

Page reviewed 05 September 2019