Our decisions and reasons

At the end of each hearing, the Tribunal tells the patient its decision, and the reasons for its decision.

Tribunal members provide oral reasons at the hearing. The reasons will give enough information for the parties to understand the outcome.  The reasons are in terms the patient will understand.  However, the reasons must also have enough detail for the State Administrative Tribunal to understand the factual and legal basis for the decision and the Tribunal’s reasoning.

The Tribunal sends a Notice of Decision to the parties by post or email shortly after the hearing.  This is the Tribunal’s formal written decision from the hearing.  The Notice of Decision informs the parties of the right to seek reasons for Tribunal’s decision, and the right to apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the Tribunal’s decision.

Because the Tribunal provides oral reasons at the end of each hearing, parties who request reasons are given a transcript of the oral reasons provided at the hearing.  The Tribunal does not otherwise provide written reasons for decision.  Click here to request reasons for a decision.

Page reviewed 10 May 2021