Request reasons for a decision or a transcript

Reasons for decision

A patient may ask the Tribunal to provide reasons for the Tribunal’s decision in a hearing.  The Tribunal will also consider a request for reasons made on behalf of a patient by their representative (lawyer, mental health advocate, or nominated person).  If you would like the Tribunal to provide you with reasons for its decision at a hearing, please complete a request form in pdf or word within 28 days of the date of the hearing and send it to the Tribunal.

Transcript of a hearing

Access to Tribunal transcripts is very limited.  This is because of the strict privacy and confidentiality requirements surrounding Tribunal hearings under the Mental Health Act 2014.  Requests for transcripts made by a patient, or on behalf of the patient by a patient’s representative (legal practitioner, mental health advocate, or nominated person), will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.  If you need a transcript of your hearing, please complete a request form in writable pdf or word and send it to the Tribunal for consideration.

Get help

If you have questions about these forms, or need help completing the forms, call the Tribunal Registry on (08) 6553 0060 or the Mental Health Advocacy Service on (08) 6234 6300.

If you want to speak to a lawyer, call the Mental Health Law Centre on (08) 9328 8012.


Page reviewed 15 September 2022