Applications by doctors

Some applications to the Tribunal may be made only by a patient’s psychiatrist.  The application forms which must be used are here.


Application for Approval to Perform Electroconvulsive Therapy s 410(1)


Application for Approval to Perform Psychosurgery s 417(1)

Review direction to make CTO

Additionally, where a psychiatrist has been directed by an order of the Tribunal under s 395(2)(b) to make a community treatment order, the psychiatrist named in the order may apply for a review of that decision by lodging an Application for Review of Direction to Make Community Treatment Order s 396.

Useful materials

Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards for Clinical Care 2015

Chief Psychiatrist’s ECT Standards 2015

Chief Psychiatrist’s Guidelines required under Section 547 of the Mental Health Act 2014

The Chief Psychiatrist’s Guidelines for the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Western Australia 2006


Page reviewed 01 August 2019